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Greenland Caves

December 17, 2021

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Polar Times!

Have you ever been crawling around in a cave and collecting speleothems?  If not, then this episode is definitely made for you! Alexandra is joined today by Gina Moseley who is an Ingeborg Hochmair Professor at the Institute for Geology at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. Gina is passionate about speleothems from caves all around the world and especially in Greenland. Her project about greenlandic caves started in a pub during her PhD in Bristol, UK, but it took her many years until she finally travelled to northeast Greenland in 2015 to visit the first caves.

Gina and Alexandra chat about how to use speleothems to reconstruct past climatic conditions and the related advantages and disadvantages of them in the context of different climate archives as well as how Gina ended up in the American breakfast television (hint: check out the movie Ancient Caves)! We hope you enjoy today’s episode. More information on Gina’s project can be found here:  https://northeastgreenlandcavesproject.com/ and on Twitter @Greenland_Caves.

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Episode edited by Damien Ringeisen

Cover art by Matthew Nelson

Music: "Scuba" by Metre, Nul Tiel Records, UK (unaltered) CC BY-NC-SA

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